Case Studies

Feb 2018, Newfoundland Quay

The Newfoundland Quay is a 220-metre residential skyscraper currently under development at the Isle of Dogs, London.  WMS helped to develop the best value PN40 stainless steel prefabricated pipework solution for a large plant room at the base of one of London’s highest buildings on Canary Wharf.  A demanding specification and tight program as you would expect for one of the finest buildings currently under construction in the capital, all backed up with auditable quality procedures, timely deliveries and the spirit of cooperation that comes with a strong relationship with a valued repeat client.

Aug 2017,  Kings Cross Cooling Pod

Thin wall stainless steel prefabricated pipework for a complex system up to DN450.  The large bore pipework required 2 degree kick on the spools to follow the curvature of the building, and working to fixed points, a high level of accuracy was required.  We worked closely with the project managers, drawing office and quantity surveyors to ensure that everything came in on time, on budget and to specification


May 2017,  Elliot Hudson College, packaged plant room

We worked with our clients design department to create a finished, turnkey packaged plantroom from an outline schematic design.  The finished product was a Kingspan clad plant room with heating and hot water generation, finished to a high specification at a value engineered cost, and dropped into place with the minimum of disruption to the end user’s business activities.  Our client went on record to state that this was the finest example of a packaged plantroom that they had purchased in their long experience of similar projects, and we were asked to present to their prefabrication forum to discuss the benefits of offsite manufacture.


2016-present,  Furnace heat rejection systems

We are currently working across Europe installing heat rejection modules and associated pipework on specialist furnaces.  Our client approached us looking for a way to meet increasing demand for their products and reduce the cost of deployment.  We devised a mixed on and off-site approach, enabling us to complete projects on site in half the time that they had previously required.


June 2016, Project Sirocco

We were approached by our client to devise a £1.5m mix of multiservice modules, packaged plant and fully prefabricated pipework to meet a schedule that would have been impossible if carried out traditionally.  The new Airedale Air Conditioning test facility is a state of the art R&D and production facility in Leeds that was hailed as a resounding success by the client, consultant and end user.  Using careful planning, 3D modelling, high output production and a well run site team, we met the delivery, installation, safety and financial targets and earned our place as a trusted member of the supply chain of one of the largest M&E and Construction groups in the UK.