Company History

From a fabrication shop in a shipping container to a 20,000 ft2 fully equipped workshop, we have developed the company steadily since 1999, with a focus on hard work, commitment, and repeat business.  We were early adopters of the offsite approach to construction, and have worked closely with our clients to develop efficiencies through modularisation, and to find new solutions to traditional problems. 

Our extensive site experience helps us to better understand the best applications for offsite solutions, and our offsite capabilities ensure that our site installations are carried out to maximise the benefits of planning, 3D modelling and prefabrication. 
We have been involved in many illustrious projects over our careers, from the manufacture of the elliptical gas ring on the London 2012 Olympic Cauldron, high pressure mains and plant rooms on Canary Wharfe, small and large energy centres across the UK and into Europe, and process pipework around Yorkshire and the North of England.
We experience of manufacturing multiservice modules, boiler skids and ancillaries, skids for pump manufacturers, packaged plant rooms and open plant modules, and extensive pipework prefabrication in carbon steel and stainless steel.
We run a dedicated stainless steel workshop, a carbon steel fabrication facility and a large assembly area for packaged plant and modules.  If you feel that our skill set matches your needs, we are keen to hear from you.