Packaged Plant Rooms, Modules & Skids

Offsite solutions are the future of construction. Working with us to reduce your risk, cut site times and boost the quality of your installation.

Modern building practice has embraced the use of modular systems & the benefits are compelling:
  • Offsite manufacture reduces the amount of labour hours on site.  
  • Less time on site means less time for managers, supervisors, site cabins and storage areas.
  • Less material storage means less risk of theft or damage, and lower insurance costs.
  • Using our service enables you to shorten your build time by removing a section of the critical path of your project.  There is less interaction required between trades and less risk of knock on effects as we do not require the works area to be ready before we begin playing our part.
Packaged plant rooms, modules and skids are first modelled in 3D software for approval by you, the client.  Our model can then be integrated into your software.  Modules are then manufactured in a clean, protected, secure environment to a workshop standard and delivered, packaged and protected on a date that suits the construction program.

Packages and modules are available in a range of finishes and specifications and built to a high standard.  We can offer single structure or sectional solutions to suit any scheme.

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