Compact Cooler & Pumped Pot Development

Innovative Product Design For Heathrow Airport

Product Development and Enhancement


About The Project

Our collaboration with Compact Cooler Industries on the development of compact cooler and pumped pot products showcased our ability to translate client design briefs into innovative solutions. Leveraging advanced technology and our expertise in parts and material selection, we delivered products that exceeded client expectations while meeting national and international regulations.

  • Collaborated closely with the client to understand their design brief and develop innovative solutions that met their requirements.
  • Utilised advanced technology, including Revit and Inventor software, for precise 3D modelling and assembly development, facilitating efficient product design.
  • Applied our expertise in parts and material selection to ensure product performance and reliability, while meeting regulatory standards.
  • Employed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling to assess structural integrity and safety, mitigating risks and ensuring product quality.
  • Adhered to national and international design codes and regulations, such as BS EN 1090, PED, and BS 13445, to ensure compliance and safety.

The project involved working closely with the client's design brief to create new products and enhance existing ones.

Key challenges included selecting appropriate parts and materials, ensuring structural strength and durability, and meeting stringent national and international regulations such as BS EN 1090, PED, and BS 13445.
Utilising Revit and Inventor software, we developed detailed 3D models and assemblies to bring the client's vision to life. Our extensive experience and knowledge informed parts and material selection, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling enabled us to assess fatigue, structural strength, and failure loads, ensuring product integrity and safety.
The successful development of compact cooler and pumped pot products demonstrates our commitment to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction. By leveraging advanced technology, expertise in parts and material selection, and adherence to regulatory standards, we delivered products that met the highest standards of performance, reliability, and safety. Our collaborative approach and problem-solving skills were instrumental in achieving the best results for our client.
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