ICEPS Research Facility

ICEPS (Integrated Centre for Energy, Power and Sustainability) / Kepier / Eden Boys

Precision Plant Room Installation

About The Project

The ICEPS project presented unique challenges, requiring the installation of a 17.5m x 9m 5-section plant room on a steel mezzanine atop a seven-storey building. Critical to the project's success was the need to adhere to stringent noise and vibration tolerances due to sensitive research equipment housed within the building. Our innovative approach ensured the safe reassembly and weatherproofing of the plant room at height, showcasing our commitment to precision and safety.

  • Collaboration with Kepier involved implementing a platform approach to standardise plant rooms across framework projects, maximising efficiencies and streamlining processes.
  • The early-stage collaboration enabled us to maximise the benefits of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), ensuring the smooth integration of plant room components.
  • Leveraging Revit and BIM technology, we provided detailed 3D modelling and coordination expertise, ensuring seamless integration with the client's finished model.
  • Our plug-and-play, weather-sealed unit, Factory Acceptance Tested (FAT) and delivered on time to the site, facilitated rapid installation in just half a day.

The project's complexity stemmed from the need to install the plant room within a highly sensitive research environment, requiring meticulous attention to noise and vibration control. Additionally, the height of the installation presented logistical challenges that demanded innovative solutions to ensure safe and efficient execution.
Our team developed an innovative plan for safely managing the reassembly and weatherproofing of the plant room at height, leveraging our expertise in precision installation techniques. Through close collaboration with stakeholders and meticulous planning, we maximised efficiency and minimised disruptions to ongoing research activities.
The successful installation of the ICEPS plant room underscores our ability to deliver precision solutions tailored to the unique requirements of sensitive research environments. By prioritising safety, efficiency, and collaboration, we achieved exceptional results that exceeded client expectations and contributed to the advancement of research and innovation within the facility.
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