AESC Mega Project

AESC (Automotive Energy Supply Corporation) / Vastint / ExCel Arena / GSK
Prefabricated Pipework

Driving UK Car Battery Production Expansion


About The Project

AESC stands as one of the largest projects undertaken by Wates, heralding a significant leap in UK car battery production by increasing capacity sixfold. As a flagship project, it demanded meticulous coordination and delivery of all major plant areas, underscoring our pivotal role as a trusted supply partner of SES/Wates.

  • All materials were supplied with comprehensive certification and welding quality assurance packs, guaranteeing compliance and traceability.
  • Our experienced project management team provided preemptive troubleshooting, swiftly addressing any issues to maintain project momentum.
  • Drawing upon our extensive design and installation expertise, we seamlessly integrated prefabricated pipework systems into the complex project environment.
  • Supported by an experienced technical management team, we navigated complexities with precision and expertise.

The scale and complexity of the project required innovative solutions and a proactive approach to overcome challenges. We were tasked with managing volume grooved pipework up to 450mm, hybrid systems, intricate design development, precise spooling, and meticulous mapping.
Our team delivered high-level quality assurance throughout the project, ensuring every component met stringent standards. Scheduled just-in-time deliveries ensured seamless integration with construction timelines, facilitating efficient progress. Our rapid response capabilities, including a 24-hour turnaround for shutdown operations, minimised downtime and maximised productivity.
Our meticulous planning and execution ensured the seamless integration of complex pipework systems, contributing significantly to the success of the AESC project. By delivering on time and with uncompromising quality, we played a pivotal role in driving forward UK car battery production and cementing our reputation as leaders in large-scale project delivery.
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