WMS Quality

Committed to Quality, Ensuring Products Meet All Required Standards


Strict quality control over every aspect of design, manufacturing and delivery

Goods-In Procedure:

  • All materials are checked upon receipt, including visual inspection for quality, dimensional checks, and confirmation that the heat number matches the material certificate.
  • Stainless steel and carbon steel are kept separate to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Materials are not released to cutters or welders until they have been inspected and approved for use.
  • Full material traceability is maintained, with materials marked with unique individual ID numbers and recorded.
  • Full 3.1 certification is provided with each material.
  • A separate quarantined area is designated for non-conforming goods.


Storage & Issue of Welding Consumables Procedure:

  • All consumables are inspected upon receipt, including a visual check for damage and verification of the heat number against the material certificate.
  • A separate quarantined area is reserved for non-conforming goods.
  • Welding consumables are not issued until they have been inspected and approved for use.
  • All consumables are stored according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Full 3.1 certification is provided with all welding consumables.


Calibration Procedure:

  • All plant and equipment meet statutory and regulatory requirements and are calibrated and recorded by competent personnel.
All work is inspected through rigorous processes

Welding & Inspection:

  • Manufacturing drawings are issued to the shop floor, where personnel record the work they have done and when (e.g., cutting, welding, inspection).
  • Each weld is recorded with information on who welded it, when it was welded, and which welding procedure was followed.
  • Each spool undergoes 100% visual inspection.
  • Further non-destructive testing (NDT) can be carried out upon request.
  • Magnetic particle inspection and liquid penetrant inspection are performed in-house by WMS inspectors.

Welding Procedures & Qualifications:

  • All welding follows ISO 15614-1 procedures, tested and approved by a third-party UKAS-accredited company.
  • All welders are experienced and certified to ISO 9606-1 for various welding forms (butt and fillet welds in TIG, MIG/MAG, and MMA for carbon and stainless steel).

NDT Personnel Certification:

  • All staff holding up-to-date records


  • BS EN 1090 CE Marking for Structural Steel and Aluminium Fabricators.
  • In the process of gaining ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • Gas Safe registered.
  • Constructionline Gold member.

Client Quality Assurance:

  • On request, clients can receive a quality pack for their project, which may include (but is not limited to) manufacturing drawings, welding procedures, welder qualifications, material certification, welding consumable certification, NDT certification, calibration certification, pressure test certification, and welding inspector qualifications.
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