Packaged Plant Rooms

Offsite solutions are the future of construction. Working with us to reduce your risk, cut site times and boost the quality of your installation.

Offsite manufacturing presents a significant reduction in the number of labour hours required on-site.

This efficiency translates to fewer demands on managerial, supervisory, and storage resources. With less time spent on-site, the need for site cabins and storage areas is minimised, reducing associated costs and streamlining project management.

Furthermore, the decreased requirement for material storage significantly mitigates the risk of theft or damage, resulting in lower insurance expenses.

Engaging our service not only optimises labour efficiency but also accelerates your project timeline.

By entrusting your project to our team of technical experts, you can benefit from shortened build times, as we effectively eliminate a section of the critical path. Our involvement minimises the need for extensive interaction between trades, mitigating the risk of knock-on effects. Moreover, our approach allows for greater flexibility in project scheduling, as we do not rely on the works area being fully prepared before commencing our operations.

Through our commitment to research and development and our expertise in offsite manufacturing, we offer a streamlined and efficient solution that drives project success.

3D Software Solutions

Packaged plant rooms, modules, and skids are initially modelled in 3D software for your approval as the client. Our model is seamlessly integrated into your software for comprehensive review and collaboration. Subsequently, modules are meticulously manufactured in a pristine, secure environment, adhering to workshop standards.

They are then delivered on a predetermined date, meticulously packaged and protected, aligning with the construction program schedule.

Packages and modules are available in various finishes and specifications and built to a high standard.  
We can offer single structure or sectional solutions to suit any scheme.

Benefits of Offsite

Streamline your construction project

Logistics Streamlined
Reduction in on-site welding, deliveries, and storage needs, streamlining logistics.
Enhanced Coordination
Advanced 3D modelling enhances coordination, reducing on-site time and improving collaboration during design stages.
Reduced Man-Hours
Approximately 50% reduction in site man-hours, enabling improved project scheduling.
Superior Quality Assurance
Offsite manufacture ensures superior quality with stringent quality control measures and optimal working conditions.
Mitigated Theft Risk
Decreased risk of material theft from the site, as parts are delivered and installed as needed.
Enhanced Safety
Elimination of potential hazards from the site, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.
Delivered Nation Wide

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